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French MilkN stop A place where young Americans can seek poetic magic in the winding streets of a beautiful city The museums the cafs the parks An artist like Lucy can really enjoy Paris in January If only she can stop griping at her mother This comic journal details a mother and daught.

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Ers month long stay in a small apartment in the fifth arrondissement Lucy is grappling with the onslaught of adulthood Her mother faces fifty They are both dealing with their shifting relationship All the while they navigate Paris with halting French and dog eared guidebooks..

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characters ´ French Milk ✓ [Reading] ➿ French Milk ➶ Lucy Knisley – A place where young Americans can seek poetic magic in the winding streets of a beautiful city The museums the cafs the parks An artist like Lucy can really enjoy Paris in January If only she can stop A place where young Americans can seek poetic[Reading] French Milk Lucy Knisley A place where young Americans can seek poetic magic in the winding streets of a beautiful city The museums the cafs the parks An artist like Lucy can really enjoy Paris in January If only she ca.

characters ´ French Milk School of the Art Institute of Chicago currently pursuing an MFA at the.

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  • Mary Elizabeth

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkI suppose I was expecting something substantive when I picked up this book What I found instead was a collection of drawings and photos of what Knisley ate and bought while living in Paris for 6 weeks with her mother And she ate and bought a lot I'm pretty sure that if I could I would too The thing is that doesn't make for a gripping or even an intriguing read The comic became an inventory of consumption and anecdotes This was all the frustrating given her projected scope for the book On the first page she wrote a sort of mini intro regarding how the title relates to her work Her FRENCH MILK aims to get a deeper understanding of how the French appreciate life even to the smallest details like dairy and how that affects her the artist She also wanted to delve into the changing relationship between her an

  • PorshaJo

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkI knew of Lucy Knisley's work for years but avoided it due to it being a 'graphic novel' I finally dove in with her book Relish My Life in the Kitchen as I needed a food pickme up I found the graphic novel part was uite interesting so I wanted to read of her works French Milk is a diary tale of her trip to Paris with her mother They r

  • Angi

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkEat Shop Complain Eat La fin

  • Courtney Williams

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkBook 1452 for 2012 review cross posted to my blogI've tried to like Lucy Knisley's work; really I have My main issue has always been that while she often states that she's going to explore an concept and make meaningful observations she rarely delivers For example her Kickstarter funded Here at Hogwarts comic promised to be about our experience going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park and how Harry Potter as a cultural phenomenon has shaped fan society BritishAmerican consumerism literature and our own lives but turned out to be of a then I did this then I did that oh and we discussed this important issue but I'm just going to mention the fact we did and not give any details YAY BUYING STUFF affair I know it's a travelogue not an academic paper but a little substance particularly if it's a promise you exchanged for seven thousand dollars' worth of pre orders that paid fo

  • HeavyReader

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkThis comic tells the story of a young woman in her early 20s who spends a month in Paris with her mother There wasn't really a plot to the story;

  • Ciara

    characters ´ French Milk French Milkfor some reason i was really obsessed with finding this book reading it even though i am not a huge fan of graphic books or books where spoiled 22 year olds go to paris spend half their time there crying because they miss their boyfriends or are worried about their finances i think i liked the idea of the book than i liked the execution even though i knew on some level that of course the idea was bound to be better than the execution but i put a hold on it at the library anyway when i finally sat down to read it i blazed through in an hour or twothe whole thing is about six weeks that lucy spends living in paris with her mom they are staying in a little apartment where they share a bed they spend all day strolling around paris eating lots of food going to art museums shopping honestly it doesn't sound like a bad way to spend six weeks i gather from context that the trip is

  • Ferdy

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkNo strong feelings for this it was average in every way Average drawings average thoughts average everything The food was probably the most interesting part mostly because it was all kinds of disgusting nothing but foie gras and oyster Lucy was meh she wasn't very likeable or engaging all she did was moan about everything despite having lots of great opportunities Also she made Paris seem rather boring

  • Miss Kitty

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkI started out alternately hatin' on WTF Her parents are paying for her to live in Paris for a month and liking pages after pages of This is what I ate and it was soooo good this book I heard about it from my absolutely favorite young adult literature blog Readingrantsorg so I had high hopes despite my extreme jealousy of her City of Lights living Hrmph The book's cover says something about exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters Well I must have skipped the page that explored said relationship because I missed it I remember one sentence where Lucy says and here I'll paraphrase Isn't it super weird that I feel like an independent adult when I'm alone but when I'm with my ma I regress and become akin to a wee infant You know I think I would also f

  • Shira

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkI was set to give this book two stars it's really not very good it reads like a 16 year old's livejournal in which they post inane lists of the crap they bought and stuff they ate even though the stuff they ate is THE SAME THING EVERY DAY interspersed with drawings of inconsistent uality the humans and places look good but the food looks like disgusting unrecognizable lumps and blurry weirdly framed photos when her boyfriend criticizes her for being a sad sackbeing ungrateful about getting to live in paris for a month she gets mad at him t

  • MB (What she read)

    characters ´ French Milk French MilkBasically this is a travel diary in comic format I suspect that the reader's reaction to this book depends on how much YOU identify with Lucy Ie if reading this brings back happy memories of college days and travel and such butterfly like self explorations then you will probably enjoy this On the other hand if your background was much less privileged; then I estimate Lucy will likely come off as annoying whiny and self absorbed In that case this memoir may be grating to you It was to me I'd be interested to see what other readers think about this hypothesis Feel free to commentIf you enjoy travel memoirs mixed with food may I recommend to you A Homemad