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N he learns a murder that took place eighty years ago may When Mark Waters decided to be a detective he didn't plan to investigate ghosts But as he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by train he learns a murder that took place e.

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The LibraryReading The Library Author Carmen DeSousa When Mark Waters decided to be a detective he didn't plan to investigate ghosts But as he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by trai.

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Free read Ú The Library Ý ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Library Author Carmen DeSousa – When Mark Waters decided to be a detective he didn't plan to investigate ghosts But as he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by train he learns a murder that took place eighty years ago may When Mark Waters decided to be a deIghty years ago may directly affect his case Six months after the strange occurrences at The Depot there’s another murder This time The Library holds secrets of several murders and the dead won’t rest until the murderer checks out too.

Free read Ú The Library Reader Profile First and foremost I am a reader From the moment I could hold a book I've been fascinated with the written word I enjoy almost everything but lean toward romantic suspense and magical realism If you're looking for poor reviews you won't find them here The reasonlife's too short to read bad books If a book isn't at least three stars halfway through I stop reading and t.

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  • Lori

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryGreat book well written Detective ghosts past mixed with present and let's not forget most importantly romance Very intriguing story A sort of roller coaster ride When I read the depot I expected the next story to be something else but then I realized she continued on just at a later date in the story the present Carmen is a very talented writer I don't usually read detective books but this is not just that with the paranormal added it makes for a very interesting book A different type from the usualThe ending was great not left you to wonder with a million uestions but also left so Carmen can continue the story with a variety of characters she can write about Just one of the many In The Library Me myself would like Mark and Ashlyns story to go on with of course another case involved Maybe that detective agencyOne great thing about the bookis you can identify with the characters all of them not just Mark and Ashlyn but they were my favorite characters This bo

  • Kristen

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryI think I had a misperception about what this book was going to be It was a miss for me and I did not finish itI somehow got the idea that the library of the title was magical in some way I read Part 1 and was 8 chapters into Part 2 and the only thing that seemed to really be the focus was the dysfunctional relationship that develops between the main character cop and the pregnant girlfriend of the victim from the murder he's investigating First off the speed with

  • Jan

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryMs DeSousa needs a good editor for the following reasons1 There are many grammatical errors in her book2 She spends way way Way WAY WAY too much time on Mark's internal fussing about his relations

  • Andy

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryThe premise of this story was very strange Somehow a murder from generations ago comes back to haunt Ashlinn and her mother Detective Mark Waters doesn't believe in ghosts but this case will change his mind and his lifeThis book was weird as fuck There's really no other way to put it Also there's surprise incest No one wants that Several times in this book there were cliches and flat character development The way Mark or Ashlinn would be at times was just so cringe worthy and I wanted to throw this book It definitely made my migraine worse but at least it was short The ending had some shocks in it but I did not care one bit I don't even care enough to really figure out wtf happened There was a library which was nice but everything else was ugh

  • Kim

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryThe Library by Carmen DesousaDo you believe in ghostDetective Mark Waters is called to a stunning old architectural library where his bosses wife is the librarian He's there to investigate an old mans murder He remembers coming here when he was young A murder isn't all that's happening around this old library there's something paranormal going on If you've read The Pit Stop and The Depot Carmen's other two paranormal suspense romance books you'll recognize some of the characters Carmen kept me in suspense with every turn of the page I love every one of these books They all flow right into one another Don't miss this series of awesomeness Her writing never bores me I can't wait for her next read to come out

  • Angie

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryEnjoyable easy to listen to mystery with ghostly elements Main characters were a little annoying especially their love story I found it a little too just so and bit unbelievable Aside from those parts I liked it

  • Darcia Helle

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryThere is so much to love about Carmen DeSousa's writing in general and this book in particular Let's start with the characters which for me are the most important aspect of any story I instantly felt a connect with Mark and Ashlyn the two main characters Mark is the perfect hero; protective brave and just flawed enough to make him feel real Ashlyn is battling her own personal demons with an inner strength that sh

  • Logan

    Free read Ú The Library The Library FreebieSo it's basically a paranormaldetectiveromance book Not really my thingI'll say up front that I really appreciate new authors trying to self publish It's admirable and this one is better edited the prose is decent the characters fleshed out the detail seemingly accurate and the story is fairly well craftedThat said I found the entire thing to be a bit too cliched the characters like Ashlyn to be a little too unflawed it a little bit of a stretch that every single character in the book had some intimate intertwining relationship at some point in the past and the entire thing wrapped up just a little too neatly I felt like the main character Mark didn't really have any try fail cycles but just floated through the plot right up until the end He didn't even really have to work at it he was just carried alongAt least that was my resulting i

  • WiLoveBooks

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryMystery ghosts and a bit of romance I enjoyed this mystery with a bit of a paranormal twist Mark solves murder mysteries with a bit of help from ghosts But is is really seeing ghosts or is he just crazy The mystery involves than one generation and really keeps you guessing There are

  • Starla

    Free read Ú The Library The LibraryI'm sorry but this was horrible I liked the premise but the story was very badly written Normally I can allow for a certain amount of awkward prose and inaccurate grammar in the interest of a good story but this was not a good story