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Perfect GirlNt it or notCarol knows exactly how she got into such a mess She’s spent her whole life bending over backward for the people she loves It’s who she’s always been the perfect daughter friend sister girlfriend But she’s starting to suspect that nobody appreciates the sacrifices she makesHer mom keeps treating her like the family’s personal.

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Assistant her sister has just saddled her with impossible wedding planning and her boyfriend has her single handedly running their relationshipAt work she’s dodging handsy clients while everyone else gets credit for her work There are only so many hours in a day and none of them seem to be hersSomething’s got to give and for once it won’t be Caro.

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl î ❮Reading❯ ➽ Perfect Girl Author Michele Gorman – The hilarious tale about having it all whether you want it or notCarol knows exactly how she got into such a mess She’s spent her whole life bending over backward for the people she loves It’s who The hilarious taleReading Perfect Girl Author Michele Gorman The hilarious tale about having it all whether you want it or notCarol knows exactly how she got into such a mess She’s spent her whole life bending over backward for the people she loves It’s who The hilarious tale about having it all whether you wa.

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  • Jody

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlReview first posted on my blog appears to be the perfect girl to the outside world but behind closed doors things are uite different to what they seem She has a great job as a business analyst within the banking world but her hours are ridiculous and her boss treats her in the most condescending way After Carol has created a new programme for the bank to use and she gets no credit for it she comes close to having had enough At the same time though there are lots of other things demanding Carol's attention She's helping her sister Marley with the planning of

  • April Wood

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlWhat’s It AboutCarol is perfect; perfect in everyone else’s eyes except her own Everyone expects a piece of her and yet there are no pieces to give As a matter of fact Carol is stretched so thin she feels she is no longer “Carol shaped”Her mother expects her to find the perfect getaway for herself and Carol’s Dad her sister expects her to plan the wedding of the century for her complete with silk hair flowers her boyfriend is too busy for her her best friend expects her to go on surrogate blind dates for her and her sexistdemeaning boss won’t give her any credit for her accomplishments Carol is close to falling apartPerfect Girl is a British English romantic comedy about a woman who learns to stand up for herself and that it is ok to not be “perfect”My ThoughtsI would like to thank Notting Hill Press for providing me with an advanced release copy of Perfect Girl for reviewFor starters I find British English so charming I was enchanted by Author Michele Gorman’s

  • Carole

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlPerfect Girl has an intriguing start where Carol is being put into a police car then we go back six months to disc

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlPerfectly fun little chick lit This book started out a little slow but uickly recovered and turned very interesting I know nothing about trading buying and selling or insider information etc but you don't really need to know anything It was written so that you would enjoy it either way and I did What jerks Carol worked with Wow I don't think I could have stood it like she did What a trooperThe author did a great job with character development The jerks were certainly jerks and at first Carol was the perfect little doormat I loved the way Carol's character changed midway It was done very well and very believable I loved the new Carol that stood up for herselfThe only part of the book I didn't really care for was the uick rom

  • ~Teresa

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlCarol is everyone's go to girl her sister Marley needs her to be a wedding planner her best friend Harriet needs her to screen the men she meets on an on line dating site her parents need her to find the perfect place for a getaway they are planning her boyfriend needs her to keep their relationship fresh and fun Carol is perfect in everyone's eyes but her own Carol took over doing for her family when her mother went through cancer treatment She wanted everyone to be okay and her way of dealing was to make sure everything was perfect for her mother father and sister Now even with her mom's complete recovery the job of caregiver for her family has stuck They enjoy having Carol at their beck and call to handle their lives Carol no longer has time for her own life and she no longer recognizes herself When Carol has a potential life changing crisis at work she realizes she needs to take her life back and sets about doing just that In the process of becoming reacuainted with

  • PopcornReads

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlInternational Giveaway Book Review Bestselling author Michele Gorman is best known for her romantic comedies If Perfect Girl is an example then she also nails issues in a way that they’re much easier to examine Did someone you know have the type of family that expected her to not just be smart but be perfect Were you or someone you knew the one everyone called on to step up and do what no one else was willing to do Being the good daughter is a mixed blessing at best If you’ve been following my blog do I even have to tell you why I chose this novel Finding your inner strength when you misplace it isn’t an easy task And Ms Gorman adds just the right touches of humor to this serious subject that plagues far too many women Read the rest of my review enter our giveaway at

  • Monica

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlI received this book for my honest review from the Author I actually loved this book I found the story to he funny honest and heartfelt One thing about Michele Gorman's books is they aren't just about the romance they are actually about the main character who usually just happens to fall in love by the end of the book I also like that Michele kinda makes you guess on who the main character will end up with I laughed out loud in this book and also felt in my heart for Carol with her struggle to make everyone else happy Sh

  • Magan

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlOh too many relatable moments here to note Living up to everyone else's idea of perfection is exhausting And Carol's life explodes trying to do so I swear I almost had a panic attack okay not really trying to juggle all her tasks and people pleasing

  • Jules (Never enough time to read)

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlAfter about 40% I just wasn't enjoying the story I couldn't connect with Carol the main character she was a complete doormat in all areas of her life and I needed something positive to happen I was hoping it would be a light hearted fun read and it was all just a bit sad

  • Sherri Bryant

    READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Perfect Girl Perfect GirlMichele Gorman is one of my favorite authors in the chick lit genre Her stories and characters come alive with such bright vibrant color the reader feels a personal connection with the characters that is like being a participant in the story instead of a bystanderI liked Carol immensely She is easy to relate to with her intense desire to please everyone and though it bothered me how she is treated by the people in her life she finds her courage and spine and comes out on top In her shoes I would probably be in jail facing homicide charges It was easy for me to see a lot of myself in this story and I am sure other readers will have the same revelationI admired Carol for her strength of character and ability to remain sane while she is being pulled into so many different directions and then to top it off sh