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Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Ð ❴Download❵ ➶ Twisted River Author Siobhán MacDonald – “She would never have fit as neatly into the trunk of his own car” Limerick Ireland the O’Brien family’s driveway American Oscar Harvey opens the trunk of his hosts’ car and finds the body o “She wouldDownload Twisted River Author Siobhán MacDonald “She would never have fit as neatly into the trunk of his own car” Limerick Ireland the O’Brien family’s driveway American Oscar Harvey opens the trunk of his hosts’ car and finds the body o “She would never have fit as neatly into the trunk of his own car” Limerick Ireland the O’Brien family’s driveway American Oscar Harvey opens the trunk of his.

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EHazel and Oscar Harvey and their two children live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side Though they seem successful and happy Hazel has mysterious bruises and Oscar is hiding things about his dental practice They too need a change of pace Hazel has always wanted her children to see her native Limerick and the house swap offers a perfect chance to soothe two troubled marriages But this will be anything but a perfect vacation And the body in the trunk is just the beginning.

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Twisted RiverHosts’ car and finds the body of a woman beaten and bloody But let’s start at the beginning Kate and Mannix O’Brien live by Curragower Falls in Limerick in a lovely house they can barely afford Their son Fergus is bullied at school and their daughter Izzy blames herself wishing she could protect him Kate decides that her family needs a vacation and is convinced her luck’s about to change when she spots a gorgeous Manhattan apartment on a home exchange websit.

Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Siobhán MacDonald studied at University College Galway and pursued a successful career writing for the technology sector in Scotland France and Ireland​After many years writing short stories and articles Siobhán published her first novel TWISTED RIVER in Siobhán followed this up with her second novel THE BLUE POOL​Siobhán is published in the US and Canada by Viking Penguin in the UK by.

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  • Rachael

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverAn American and Irish family swap homes during an October holiday and their lives collide in unexpected waysThis thriller was fine There were a couple of unexpected twists which I appreciated and didn’t see coming I liked the unpredictability as I thought I’d figured it out from the startThe ending was abrupt and left some unanswered uestions and as usual all of the men were cheaters or criminals or a mixture of the two The news is full recently of how vile some men especially those in power can be towards women of how women have suffered silently so that they can keep their j

  • Penny (Literary Hoarders)

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverHmmmI'd almost give this one a 25 star rating Something that was building up steam all along and marketed to be like Girl on the Train like Before I Go To Sleep sure did fizzle out and come to a dull and pretty abrupt ending There wasn't so much a shock to the end but of a That was it After all of that That's the end It certainly left a whole lot of loose plot points left unraveling and spinning out in the air Not a bad read but one filled to the brim with the stereotypical abusive cheating controlling and jealous men and the pathetic and desperate wives that love them I don't knowI think it's time to put an end to the if you liked Girl on the Train book

  • Cardmaker

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverIt seemed like a good idea for a story and I'm sure it could have been if written by someone elseThe characters were too blah and I had a very difficult time figuring out which couple I was reading about because they were so much alike They were uninteresting most of the time and plain out dull in between I didn't really care what happened to any of themThere was no suspense to the ending And really what kind of police force just walks away from a family they're supposed to be protecting from some nutcase murderer because they think she's been spotted up the coast

  • Liz Barnsley

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverTwisted River is the story of two families – both hiding secrets of different kinds – who swap houses for holiday purposes this event bringing things to a head It starts with a body then tells the tale of what led to this moment For me Twisted River was an excellent character study and an intriguing and eng

  • Elaine

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted River25 The extra half star is for the premise With the popularity of AirBnB a house exchange as the theme the plot revolves around is a great ideaToo bad I couldn't stand the characters; the women were typical doormat y types is that even a word the men were eually cliche and douchey definitely a word and I was able to guess the 'twist' before it happenedAlso I could not buy the stalker girlfriend It felt contrived and corny I mean where did she come from Okay I laughed And rolled my eyes I could do both For some reason I could only picture Shannen Doherty holding a knife to insert popular 90s actress name here and flipping her hair around in a semi hysterical state Not a pretty pictureThe ending What ending Anti climatic and in a way exactly as I predicted

  • A Turtles Nest Book Reviews

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverVery good book Twisted is definitely a perfect word to be in the title Definitely makes you think twice about house swapping A few parts drug on a little for my taste but the storyline was excellent Will be looking for books by this author

  • Tracy Shephard

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverThere Is no need to cover the premise of this fabulous read as the blurb covers it brilliantlySiobhan Macdonald leads the reader up one path and then takes them on another in what is a stylish and cleverly written tale The plot is evidently designed to twist and turn and this psychological thriller covers love affairs deadly revenge and family secrets Even the children have their own dilemmas and struggles The descriptions of both Ireland and Manha

  • Joanne Robertson

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverAs people know there's nothing I love than a book about a dysfunctional familywell apart from a book about TWO dysfunctional families Siobhan MacDonald brings us a fantastically twisty tale about a house exchange and two families both of whom seem to be hiding some very big secretsThe opening scene here is one with great shock value as Oscar Harvey is examining a dead woman in the boot of his car His kids are asking where their mum iscould it possibly be Oscars wife Hazel lying dead from a massive head wound We are then spun back in time to meet our two families Mannix and Kate have two children and are like many modern families struggling to find time for each other They work look after the kids and ha

  • Bryony Nelson

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted RiverTo me this book was super slow I enjoyed the last two chapters but apart from that it just took way too long to actually get anywhere I liked the plot and the ideas behind it but it could have been executed betterThe characters were great I HATED Oscar at the start but the furth

  • Sarah

    Twisted River characters ↠ 104 Twisted River5 starsHuge thanks to Siobhán MacDonald Canelo and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest reviewOohh this is a tricksy book You think you know what's happening and suddenly the rug is pulled a little from under you it happens throughout the book until you are surprised and wondering where the rug wentIt's told from 4 perspectives Kate Mannix Hazel and Oscar and from both Ireland and New York the tale of two families