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characters Jazz Moon 107 º ❰PDF❯ ✎ Jazz Moon Author Joe Okonkwo – In a lyrical captivating debut set against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and glittering Jazz Age Paris Joe Okonkwo creates an evocative story of emotional and artistic awakeningOn a swelterin In a lyrical captivating debut set against the backdPDF Jazz Moon Author Joe Okonkwo In a lyrical captivating debut set against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and glittering Jazz Age Paris Joe Okonkwo creates an evocative story of emotional and artistic awakeningOn a swelterin In a lyrical captivating debut set against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and glittering Jazz Age Paris Joe Okonkwo creates an evocative story of emotional and artistic awakeningOn a sweltering summer night in beaut.

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—and to Paris where Baby Back says everything is happeningIn Paris jazz and champagne flow eternally and blacks are welcomed as exotic celebrities especially those from Harlem It’s an easy life that uickly leaves Ben adrift and alone craving solace through anonymous dalliances in the city’s decadent underground scene From chic Parisian cafés to seedy opium dens his odyssey will bring new love trials and heartache even as echoes from the past urge him to decide where true fulfillment and inspiration lie..

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Jazz MoonIes in beaded dresses mingle with hepcats in dapper suits on the streets of Harlem The air is thick with reefer smoke and jazz pours out of speakeasy doorways Ben Charles and his devoted wife Angeline are among the locals crammed into a basement club to hear jazz and drink bootleg liuor For aspiring poet Ben the swirling heady rhythms are a revelation So is Baby Back Johnston an ambitious trumpet player who flashes a devilish grin and blasts jazz dynamite from his horn Ben finds himself drawn to the trumpeter.

characters Jazz Moon 107 Joe Okonkwo is the author of the novel Jazz Moon winner of the Publishing Triangle's Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction Jazz Moon was also a Lambda Literary finalist for Best Gay FictionHis short stories have appeared in The Piltdown Review Chelsea Station Shotgun Honey and The New Engagement His work has been anthologized in Best Gay Stories Best Gay Love Stories Love Stories.

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  • Nat K

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz Moon Love could fill but not make whole; it could cushion loneliness not cure it What it did was broaden your circumference of concern beyond yourself to encompass another person Even if – when – that person caused you grief Ben Charles is a young gay black man who doesn’t uite fit in with what society expects of himThis was uite an evocative often painfully sad story of his journey to find his place in the world and importantly to find love The book is wonderfully lyrical in capturing the tone of the jazz clubs in both Harlem Paris in the 1920s I could easily imagine being there as the writing transported me to that time and placeFilled with dreams regrets longing jealousy what ifs hopes for the futureI’m very interested to read what Mr Okonkwo’s future works have to offer

  • Linda

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonBrowsing Pintirest I was immediately drawn to this cover 1920's Jazz Harlem Paris what's not to love After reading a couple of

  • Sofia

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonThis is Mr Okonkwo's debut as an author so I can't say anything but bravo His writing sent me immediately to Baldwin's Harlem and Baldwin's Paris and Baldwin's people His spirit seems to permeate this book but in the meantime th

  • African Americans on the Move Book Club

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonJazz Moon by Joe Okonkwo will make readers uestion everything they read and feel Nothing like a novel about jazz that brings out the poetic side to everyone especially the characters A debut novel that brings to life the action drama and passion of 1925 Times where everything beckoned and called to those who hearts wanted Inside this title readers will get a glimpse into a poet's lifestyle He has a devoted wife but is angry with herhe soon find himself attracted to another who brings out the heat of raw animalistic desire deep within his blood A stirring unlike any other Paris is a place where art passion and desire come in abundance and that's where both Ben and his new lover find themselves Joe Okonkwo brings readers the best world of fiction readers will find Race jazz and travel are deep topics easily explored within this exciting well written plot Overall I highly recommend this new novel Jazz Moon to readers everywhere Danielle UrbanAAMBC Reviewer

  • Sherry

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonA fine book of 1920s Paris with glimpses of brilliance in its writing But the hero is not anyone I would root for so poor are his choices and so badly does he treat those who love him and I cannot believe I am saying this I didn't care for the poetry inserted rather gratuitously I thought into the narrative It only interrupted the flow without adding to the story Yet I will look forward to the next book by this author

  • Shomeret

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonLyrically written tale of a gay African American poet in the 1920's who must deal with both homophobia and racism in the American South and Harlem He also encounters racist and homophobic individuals in Paris which was not as free of prejudice as it pretended to be The protagonist evolves as a poet and as a human being He begins by writing doggerel but eventually becomes a published poet who gives readings There are a few really excellent samples of his poetry included in the novel I also enjoyed the jazz element which ran through the novel Yet the road to love and happiness for this gay man did not run smooth and there were many mistakes in judgment along the way My only criticism of this first novel is a minor one I think the author doesn't understand art as well as poetry and music There was an artist character whose work wa

  • Julie Reynolds

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonI read this as the subject matter was part of the good reads summer reading challenge It was a love story and an LGBT bookIt was well written

  • Russell Ricard

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonJAZZ MOONI read to be a better writer I read to be a better person I read to better understand the human condition and to understand history I read to better open my mind expand my imagination and to go on a journey past my own life’s expe

  • Jeff Adams

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz MoonOkonkwo created such a complex compelling character with Ben This young man had a difficult childhood a decent life he gives up to take a chance on a life where he can be himself and ultimately ends up in a place he hadn't planned on at least that's my interpretation At the same time all the settings become characters of their own Ben's childhood which we get through stories he tells is very different from Harlem which is different than the sailing to Paris which is different from Paris Each place adds to the story and makes Ben evolve his personalityYou can read the complete review at I received a free ebook for an honest review for Jeff Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast

  • Erin

    characters Jazz Moon 107 Jazz Moon Perhaps it wasn't that people changed but that they revealed themselves; that fertile ambitions bloomed and clad to be harvested See reviews first on my blogIn this story we follow Ben from 1925 to 1928 We see his marriage take shape and what made them get married in the first place We see him try to figure out how to deal with “this thing” as he calls it and how it affects every part of his life and how he tries to do the right thing but ends up not doing so well at We also get to se