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Summary × Peacekeeper ì [PDF / Epub] ✅ Peacekeeper ⚣ Laura E. Reeve – First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros—daring pilot decorated soldier war criminalFifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission tha First in a brand new action packed military scien[PDF / Epub] Peacekeeper Laura E. Reeve First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros—daring pilot decorated soldier war criminalFifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission tha First in a brand new.

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From retribution But now twelve of Ariane’s wartime colleagues are dead— assassinated by someone who has uncovered their true identities And her superiors in the Autonomist army have placed her directly in the assassin’s line of fire on a peacekeeping mission that will decide the fate of all humanity.

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PeacekeeperAction packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros—daring pilot decorated soldier war criminalFifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission that obliterated an entire solar system Branded a war criminal she was given a new identity and a new life in order to protect her.

Summary × Peacekeeper wwwAncestralStarscom Publishers Weekly calls it a crisp military SF debut and says Reeve drives the story at a breakneck pace Laura was a US Air Force officer for nine years giving verisimilitude to the military flavor of her novels She currently lives in Monument Colorado with her Dr Science husband.

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  • new_user

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperResearch really does make a difference After reading a little bit on Laura Reeve's experiences on her website I believe that it is her experiences in part that help her to craft such convincing bureaucrats military men technology and international treaties She includes critical details that someone on the inside might pick up and that add a realistic touch to her inventions She writes convincingly about the tricks of inspectors pretending not to speak the language the concerns of soldiers who may be obsolete in peacetime and the shiny possibilities of the interwebs in t

  • Jeffrey

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperAriane Kedros is a a reserve in the Autotomous World's military who is called upon for secret Intelligence missions by Colonel Edones Her day job is as a N Space pilot aboard a space ship with Matt Journey the own of a second generation space exploration vehicle Ariane Kedros however has a secret several years earlier she was the pilot on a secret mission for the Autotomous World's who were engaged in a war with Terra and her crew deployed a temporal distortion Bomb TD Bomb which has the power to destroy a sun but whose primary purpose was to destroy a space buoy a kind of navigational buoy that allows flight to that area The space buoy's were a gift from the Minoans an alien species who also inhabit Laura Reeve's universe The idea was to stop the warThe mission to deploy the TD

  • Erica Anderson

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperI have mixed feelings about this book The main character is a woman who was directly involved in the destruction of an entire universe She's now a pilot on a geological survey ship and she's called

  • Rich

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperWhen I bought the book I had no expectations that I'd end up liking it as much as I did The reviews by the people I follow really ran the gamut I was expecting something actiony cheesy and breezy like a Kris Longknife space adventure that I'd blow thru in a couple of nights What a nice surprise it was for me to find that it was so much than what I didn't expect The main character was very well d

  • Liviu

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperI liked this novel a lot though it's somewhat misleadingly labeled as mil sf being of an adventuremysteryspace opera with the aftermath of a long war ended by one terrible act as background Humanity is divided in 2 polities and an independent but essential community About a hundred years ago mysterious and seemingly powerful aliens called Minoans because of their culture's resemblance to the ancient one in Knossos contacted Earth Veiled and mysterious even now after a century of intercourse the Minoans offered humanity Nspace access key to the stars in return for trade and they play scrupulously by the laws of the respective polity they deal with They imposed only one essential set of rules known as the Phaistos Protocols essentially forbidding military operations against civilian targets The Minoans take an especial dim view of pirates anarchists and terrorists and extermi

  • Eric

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperI’d actually give this story two and a half stars It’s clear well written and has a solid paceMilitary science fiction Maybe There’s been a lot of debate on the web about that terminology lately but I think you could just as easily call this a political thriller or a murder mystery In many ways the sciency portion of the book is as much gimmick as it is necessary to the plot Outside of the speed of communications this could be set on earth after one country bombed another and are now settling in for peace talks The only thing space adds to this story is well space Distance is eual to time here and many of the characters’ issues revolve around not knowing the result of their actions to a full extent There are a lot of assumptions that are driving all these charactersI don’t normally mind the idea that the science can be taken away from the s

  • Zé Manel

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperThis is a weak first book but still worth reading simply for the promise it shows and growth the author makes during the progress of the bookIt's one of those futures where they have AF instead of Navy ships which also makes it less enjoyable as a read but considering the author is ex AF and the bunkerICBM on a stellar scale which makes up the base premise of the series it's readable

  • Coyora Dokusho

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperOkay it was great And funny at times With feels And my mind kept trying to find patterns to fit the plot into and IT DIDN'T TURN OUT THAT WAY So that was great too I want to read the rest of the books I feel like starting a women of powaa spree

  • Niall Teasdale

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperI'd like to like this than I did Honestly it was getting to be a chore to continue reading at times and I found it very difficult to have any sympathy for or empathy with any of the characters The decision to have or less all of the story split across multiple threads and POV did not make the story compelling or easier to readThe world Reeve is spinning seems to be the main character here A huge amount of time is spent setting up things for later books in the series Political situation technology mysterious aliens the nature of what happened in the past Yes the last of those relates to our supposed heroine but having it all unfold in the manner it does doesn't really make for a great story This is like reading the plot of a first Spider Man

  • Karen Ford

    Summary × Peacekeeper PeacekeeperThe first great thing about this novel the first in a series is that the reader is brought into the universe it is set in without a lot of exposition at the start instead introducing the main characters as they interact together Major Ariane Kedros a soldier in the reserves is called up for a mission by her intelligence chief that involves supervising a peace treaty mandated weapons inspection on a space station Her civilian boss Matt Journey is negotiating rights to a planet that they discovered and claimed and may hold key ancient technology Kedros also discovers that an assassin has been targeting her crew from her previous identity as a commander who was ordered to