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SUMMARY × The Other Alcott ó [Download] ✤ The Other Alcott ➸ Elise Hooper – Elise Hooper’s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott—Louisa’s youngest sister and an artist in her own rightWe all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louis Elise Hooper’s debut novel conjuresHe portrayal of selfish spoiled “Amy March” Is this what her beloved sister really thinks of her So May embarks on a uest to discover her own true identity as an artist and a woman From Boston to Rome London and Paris this brave talented and determined woman forges an amazing life of her own making her so much than merely “The Other Alcott” “Elise Hooper’s thoroughly modern debut gives a fresh take on one of literature’s most beloved families To read this book is to understand why the women behind Little Women continue to cast a long shadow on our imaginations and dreams Hooper is a writer to watch”—Elisabeth Egan author of A Window Opens  .


He real “Amy” Louisa’s sister May Stylish outgoing creative May Alcott grows up longing to experience the wide world beyond Concord Massachusetts The Other Epub / While her sister Louisa crafts stories May herself is a talented and dedicated artist taking lessons in Boston turning down a marriage proposal from a well off suitor and facing scorn for entering what is very much a man’s profession Life for the Alcott family has never been easy so when Louisa’s Little Women is published its success eases the financial burdens they’d faced for so many years Everyone agrees the novel is charming but May is struck to the core by t.

SUMMARY × The Other Alcott Although a New Englander by birth and at heart Elise now lives with her husband and two young daughters within stone skipping distance of the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound When she’s not writing she’s in her classroom making American history and literature interesting for high school students Follow Elise on Instagram to see of what she's reading elisehooper.

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The Other Alcott[Download] The Other Alcott Elise Hooper Elise Hooper’s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott—Louisa’s youngest sister and an artist in her own rightWe all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louis Elise Hooper’s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott—Louisa’s youngest sister and an artist in her own rightWe all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women But while everyone cheers on Jo March based on Louisa herself Amy March is often the least favorite sister Now it’s time to learn the truth about t.

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  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottI'm running a giveaway on this book at Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine Little Women was one of my favorite childhood reads I don’t recall how old I was when I read it but I do rememb

  • Erin

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottLouisa had confessed to basing her main characters the March sisters upon her own family but added that she ironed out some of the irregularities in their lives Anna's gracious temperament lent itself to becoming the kind and nurturing Meg; Louisa smoothed herself into the fiesty rebel Jo; Lizzie's saintliness increased; and May turned into little precocious and selfish Amy In her debut novel Elise Hooper explores the tumultuous relationship between 19th century American author Louisa May

  • Bam cooks the books ;-)

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottI was fortunate enough to win a Kindle ebook copy of this book in a goodreads giveaway Many thanks to the author and goodreads friend Elise Hooper I wish you great success with your debut tale based on the life of Abigail May Alcott Nieriker 1840 1879Elise has obviously done a great deal of research into not only May's life but also the historical background for the story most especially the art scene in Europe during the fascinating period when 'a group of artists were 'experimenting with composition style and techniue' and struggling to be accepted by the traditional art world and critics in the press who dubbed them 'Impressionists'Abigail May Alcott known as May was Louisa May Alcott's youngest sister and

  • Moonkiszt

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottLittle Women was only one of those books that enraged me I felt hoodwinked at the end each time I read it and soundly placed the blame on the author She who leads readers on and then perversely switches the end she's been hinting at any author who does that without warning well they are bound to be a challenge in real lifeAfter reading The Other Alcott I feel my opinion is confirmed Louisa is competitive and imperious While I never had considered actual Alcott siblings sit

  • Linda

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottI confess to not having read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott but that certainly did not detract from my enjoyment of The Othe

  • Lisa Duffy

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottReading Elise Hooper’s debut reminded me of one of the first books I fell in love with as a young girl I devoured The Other Alcott in the same fashion as Little Women Transported to another time lost in the pages of this vivid world that sweeps from Concord to Paris and London and Rome this story will make you fall in love with May Alcott and when you reach that last page and the journey is over you’ll want to go back to beginning and start all over again—it’s that good

  • Kathleen Flynn

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottThough I love Little Women and knew it was somewhat autobiographical I did not know a whole lot about the lives of the Alcotts I very much enjoyed this sensitive and well researched imagining of the life of the youngest Alcott immortalized in Little Women as cute willful pretentious Amy The reality of May's life was far complicated as was her relationship with her famous sister Louisa I was engrossed by this story and whipsawed by the ending Beware you will cry

  • Adriana Arrington

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottFANS OF LITTLE WOMEN DON'T MISS THIS ONEAn absolutely fascinating debut by Elise Hooper Along with millions of other people I've long loved Louisa May Alcott's Little Women However I knew little about the author's life and even less about her sister May I loved learning about the Alcott's unconventional family I thought concentrating on May in this historical fiction was a genius idea how must it have been at that point in history to have a hugely successful sister while you have professional ambitions of your own The novel examines this uestion in a thoughtful and honest manner Hooper is a beautiful writer and the tone of THE OTHE

  • Trish at Between My Lines

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottDon’t know how to rate this Coz it was both ok and also my biggest let down of the yearI need to think but I’ll be backupdated months later I’ve thought about it and decided it was a cool concept well researched but fell flat And it has ruined Little Women a little for me

  • DJ Sakata

    SUMMARY × The Other Alcott The Other AlcottMy Rating45Favorite uotesYou two make me glad I’m an only childI’m advising you to find the balance between painting your subject with mastery and sensitivity In other words if a client hires you to paint a portrait of his horse faced wife you better find a way to make those horsey features attractiveShe had violet colored eyes that glowed like amethysts from under a fringe of long black lashes Between her size and extraordinary eye color she looked like a fairy May eyed the remarkable looking woman’s ears to be sure they weren’t pointedHe picked at his lapels with soft white fingers that made May sueamish with the sensation she was viewing a body part better left unexposedWhen Herr and Frau Nieriker disembarked from the train on Saturday morning they made a distinctive couple She possessed the stout figure of a pickling jar whereas