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StrangersOubts and fears are universalPaul Sturgis is resigned to his bachelorhood and the uietude of his London flat He occasionally pays obliging visits to his nearest living relative Helena his cousin’s widow and a doyenne of decorum who like Paul bears a tacit lonelinessTo avoid the impolite complications of turning down Helena’s Christmas invitation Paul sets off for a holiday in Venice where he meets Mrs Vicky Gardner Younger than Paul by several decades the intriguing and lovely woman is in the midst of a divorce and at a crossroads in he.

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Review ☆ Strangers 100 ß [PDF] ✩ Strangers Author Anita Brookner – Literary master Anita Brookner’s elegant style is manifest on every page of her brilliant new novel Beautifully crafted and emotionally evocative Strangers portrays the magic and depth of real life Literary master Anita Brookner’s elegant style is man[PDF] Strangers Author Anita Brookner Literary master Anita Brookner’s elegant style is manifest on every page of her brilliant new novel Beautifully crafted and emotionally evocative Strangers portrays the magic and depth of real life Literary master Anita Brookner’s elegant style is manifest on every page of her brilliant new novel Beautifully crafted and emotionally evocative Strangers portrays the magic and depth of real life telling the rich story of an ordinary man whose unexpected longings d.

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R life Upon his return to England a former girlfriend Sarah reenters Paul’s life These two women reroute Paul’s introspections and spark a transformation within himPaul’s steady and preferred isolation now conflicts with the stark realization of his aloneness and his need for companionship in even the smallest degree This awareness brings with it a torrent of feelings–reassessing his Venetian journey desiring change and fearing death Ultimately his discoveries about himself will lead Paul to make a shocking decision about his life..

Review ☆ Strangers 100 Anita Brookner published her first novel A Start In Life in Her most notable novel her fourth Hotel du Lac won the Man Booker Prize in Her novel The Next Big Thing was longlisted alongside John Banville's Shroud in for the Man Booker Prize She has published over works of fiction notably Strangers shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize Fraud .

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  • Jeffrey Keeten

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 Strangers”But life as he had discovered was not like a novel Or perhaps he had mistaken fiction for truth or likely mistaken truth for a thrilling authentic form of fiction”I’ve often thought how easier life would be if I could write the dialogue for the people in my life They get it wrong so much of the time that I often wonder why I bother with them at all I can’t fire them though even if I could I’d only replace them with other people eually inept at saying the right thing that will keep the plot moving at the proper pace Life is not a play a novel or a movie It is actually rather messy With lots of uhhhhs and ahhhhs and ohhhhs Paul Sturgis has managed not by design to arrive at retirement without snagging a wife He has a failing that though properly identified mystifies him as

  • Jola

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersFirst of all huge thanks to Mary for reminding me how wonderful Anita Brookner’s books are and sharing a beautiful story related to one of them ‘Strangers’ is the fourth novel by this author I’ve read so far Definitely not the lastThe way Anita Brookner’s books are written makes me think of a tea cozy pastel and soft outside dense with boiling emotions inside Her novels are uiet but you can sense it’s the calm before the stormIf I had to choose one word that describes best this nostalgic novel and its wistful atmosphere it would be nebulous I absorbed fleeting melancholy which surrounded me like fog and lingered afterwards like a smell of autumn bonfire ‘Strangers’ is a sad book with conclusions like ‘Life gets lonelier; that’s the truth of the matter’ but Brookner seasoned it with a pinch of

  • Annelies

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersThis book made me so sad It's about loneliness The main figure is probably the most lonely figure in literature He's conscious about being lonely but in the main time dreads interference of other people The two women who cross his path are nearly also as lonely as he is so not a happy novel to read Not that they all must be happy But it has some fatalistic mood hanging over it But that doesn't mean it wasn't a good book certainly very good written

  • Jane

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersBrookner's remarkable insights into the human heart and the tyranny of habits and routine always speak to me I first gave it three stars but on re reading it some years later I regard it highly than before


    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersThe work of most great novelists runs hot and cold Anita Brookner is no exception to that rule Strangers is a bit of a slog There is an acuity to Brookner's best work including Latecomers Hotel du Lac Brief Lives and Incidents in the Rue L'Augier a charged mastery of subject matter in which nothing escapes her narrator That mastery is lacking in Strangers Never does the novel seem to gather itself and sing There are a few moments where brevity and acuity come together to achieve something we might call the signature

  • Callie

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersI raced to the library just minutes before it closed I had to get a book any book and I didn't have time to be choosy I grabbed five from the first shelf I came to fiction A B and when I went to the check out narrowed my selections to two Brookner's Strangers was one of those And look how I rated it I guess you can't pick a good book in haste Though I hate giving someone who is uite a good writer only one star but if the emperor isn't wearing any clothes someone has to say it I was highly dissatisfied Dreary dull no dialogue Plotless Repetitious This man is old and lonely Retired Bored FOR 235 PAGES Two women come into his life one a kind of wandering fly by night type he meets her on a plane and the other an old flame she left him because he was too nice Yet he can't connect with either of them properly he wants to but then again they irritate him and then he wants to but no it's just too daunting Back and forth back and forth It drove me batty Maybe

  • Sandy

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersVARIATIONS ON A THEME or THE COOKIE CUTTER NOVELSTo say that I was surprised by this novel would be an understatement Reading ie listening to it has been a grim experience perhaps the longest six hours of my life Having read and enjoyed some of Anita Brookner’s early work a number of years

  • Barbara H

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersWith the telling of this story Anita Brookner has provided the student of psychology with an in depth character study I have freuen

  • switterbug (Betsey)

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersAnd for himself the future held little than the grim routines that had always sustained him together with the hope that they would sustain him to the end Then it would be time to rely on the kindness of strangers and the hope that this would prove than a fond illusionAnita Brookner is arguably one of the finest prose writers living today Her keen precision and clean stark sentences are edged with luminous turns of phrase and biting ironies Her characters lead insular lonely lives and rarely do anything optimistic with their existence no matter how astute their insightRetired banker Paul Sturgis is no exception He is 72 years old and lives a tightly circumscribed life There is minimal pleasure in his activities such as fr

  • Elizabeth (Alaska)

    Review ☆ Strangers 100 StrangersIt's a good thing I don't reuire any plot This novel is completely devoid of one It is the mental meanderings of Paul Sturgis a 73 old bachelor who considers his present life recalls his memories of his past and ponders his future He is alone and lonely The early concern is if his demise is like Stendhal's who fell dead on the pavement and where he was first tended to by strangers And so he contemplates that his life is only one of greeting strangersHe hates his flat that which he expected to love He lamented the sorry condition of his flat often enough that I wanted to shout buy some paint There are encounters with three women the widow of a cousin an old love and a younger woman who