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WWWWatchContinues his wildly thought provoking science fiction saga of a sentient World Wide Web Webmind is an emerging consciousness that has befriended Caitlin Decter and grown eager to learn about her world But Webmind has also come to the attention of WATCH the secret government agency that monitors the Internet for any thre.

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Summary WWWWatch 108 Ü ➽ WWWWatch Download ➺ Author Robert J. Sawyer – Award winning author Robert J Sawyer continues his wildly thought provoking science fiction saga of a sentient World Wide Web Webmind is an emerging consciousness that has befriended Caitlin Decter an Award winning author Robert J Sawyer continues his wildlyWWWWatch Download Author Robert J. Sawyer Award winning author Robert J Sawyer continues his wildly thought provoking science fiction saga of a sentient World Wide Web Webmind is an emerging consciousness that has befriended Caitlin Decter an Award winning author Robert J Sawyer.

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At to the United States and they're fully aware of Caitlin's involvement in its awakening WATCH is convinced that Webmind represents a risk to national security and wants it purged from cyberspace But Caitlin believes in Webmind's capacity for compassion and she will do anything and everything necessary to protect her friend.

Summary WWWWatch 108 Robert J Sawyer is one of Canada's best known and most successful science fiction writers He is the only Canadian and one of only writers in the world to have won all three of the top international awards for science fiction the Nebula Award for The Terminal Experiment the Hugo Award for Hominids and the John W Campbell Memorial Award for MindscanRobert Sawyer grew up in.

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  • Stephanie *Extremely Stable Genius*

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatch“Catlin” tap tap tap “Catlin Decter”“Yes”“Is this Catlin Decter”“Yes”“Hi Catlin this is Stephanie I just read the second book in the WWW Series and I had to see if I could make contact with you trough your implant under your left eye that enables you to see the real world and the web I hoped I could work my way in and what do you know I did

  • Bradley

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchHaving only read the first two of this trilogy that is obviously a single story I'm forced to write a review that reads like an update rather than an all out This is GreatThat being saidThis is greatWhyIf I went by a certain set of standards that was commonplace ten or fifteen years ago I would have been reading this novel and saying hey This is on par or better than almos

  • Ms.pegasus

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchThe eponymous title is not an imperative addressed at the reader but an acronym of an NSA division the Web Activity Threat Containment Headuarters Vigilant watchfulness of all web activity is the reality in this book written in 2010 three years before Edward Snowden's disclosures portrays This is the second book in Sawyer's trilogy Although Sawyer gives a recap of the events that took place in the first book a sense of attachment to the characters would be lost by not reading these books in order This is particularly important because the balance has shifted here to plot advancement over science The result is a book that felt much like a young adult genre book It's a problem enhanced by Sawyer's failure not for lack of trying to develop the character of Caitlin's father Malcolm Decter a brilliant theoretical physicist with Asperger's syndrome Book One ended with fifteen year old Caitlin receiving an implant that corrects the faulty decoding in the optic

  • Cathy

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchI liked it better than the first book in most respects It didn't have that magical feeling of discovery both for Caitlin learning to see and for Webmind becoming but it also didn't have as many annoying tics and rants Caitlin didn't feel uite as much a real kid in this she's just too much of a genius too well read and understanding and her new fr

  • Craig

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchI see the WWW series as a long novel broken up into three volumes rather than as a traditional trilogy It concerns a young woman who's a genius suffering from blindness and her awkward yet Heinlein esue family She's cured the internet becomes self aware and takes over the world she learns to deal with her friends and society learns to deal with a superior non human intelligence There's some very thoughtful philosophical examination about violence and the nature and meaning of life It's all uite well plotted and the characters are among Sawyer's most convincing but somehow it's not among my favorites of his work Computers took over the world a long time ago and while I like

  • Alan

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchI was relatively lukewarm towards WWWWake the first volume in this projected trilogy but Sawyer's upped his game with this one Like its predecessor WWWWatch shows signs of having been written very uickly but in this case the narrative rush works to draw the reader in uickly tooI'd recommend reading the first book before diving into this one; you'll want to be familiar with developments to date even though I think it'd be fairly easy to pick up on what's going on even coming in cold The cast o

  • Michael

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchRobert Sawyer's second installment in his WWW trilogy picks up right where Wake left off but thankfully does not fall prey to middle book syndromeIf you've not read the first installment there will be SPOILERS ahead for it Can't really talk about book

  • Deborah Ideiosepius

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchuite an enjoyable book The concept is lightly sci fi without too much of the fi Slightly cyberpunk without the punk and pleasant to read but with enough content to keep you at it for a while The core of the story is about the relationship between two individuals; Caitlin who was born blind but has been fitted with a newly installed retinal implant which allows her to see the world she can also ‘see’ the data of the net Though the book calls it the world wide web The other individual is an artificial intelligence that has spontaneously arisen in the net they call it ‘emergent’ it is called webmindThis book is mainly about those two characters and they are both uite enjoyable Since it is character based the book can be a little slow at times Since Caitlin is super intelligent and webmind knows everything that is online there are a lot of d

  • Sean Randall

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchWhen I read Wake 10 months ago my initial impressions were of a lot of disparate threads The AI the blindness the chimp the Chinese just to name the first few that occur to me now I gave it a 4 star rating because I enjoyed it I wonder now if my own defences particularly on the blindness thing caused me to not allow it the breathing space it deservedThis instalment is certainly a 5 star offering There are no fewer threads and subplots everything's still going on and the American government are weighing in on the stage as well But I think my main reason for c

  • Brandon

    Summary WWWWatch 108 WWWWatchPart II of the WWW trilogy continues the story of Caitlin and the emergence of a consciousness within the internet I enjoyed this book and kept wanting to read butreturnreturnAnd this seems to be true with every book Sawyer releases There were times when this felt like a Canadian culture textbook or a math textbook or a physics textbook His Canadiana becomes nauseating and false in a lot of senses believe it or not but Canadians have heard of AND READ non canadian authors and while the science is fun to read it pulls you out of the story uite a bit to do soreturnreturnI'm starting to see a mould in Sawyer's writingreturnreturn1 Come up with a really cool story idea and write a short story his short stories are great btwreturn2 In order to expand this into a novel insert the following Debates aboute God and religion explanations of scientific topics false stereotypes about Canada and canadians clever punsreturnreturnAt one point he drops a reference