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ROBOTS & EMPIRE Citybreaks.


  • ai1313

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBBecause it is out of publication in either print or audio format I overlooked this book even though I’ve read all the other books in the Asimov Foundation and Robot series I decided to purchase a used bookIt takes a leap forward in the Robot series and fills in many gaps in the backstory to the Foundation series and in particular to Foundat

  • M. Smith

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBIt's impossible for science fiction lovers to go wrong with an Isaac Asimov novel This is one that escaped me years ago when I first started reading the old masters so it was a true and absolute pleasure to finally read this one Asimov has always had a perfect knack for making his characters seem real which is important to me than all the science stuff combined I feel privileged to have been introduced to his books fairly early in life as they made a positive impression on me that not everyone gets these days

  • Steve King

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBMore than 200 years have passed since events of Robots of Dawn Hans Falstofe has recently passed leaving his arch enemy Dr Amadiro the main power of the Spacer worlds Still bent on revenge for his defeat by Earther Elijah Baley and his robot partners

  • Frank Nelson

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBAs the third book in the trilogy covering R Daneel Olivaw Robots and Empire wraps up the development of Daneel in preparation for his part in the Foundation series Robots and Empire delivers a complex logical story with e

  • Bookaholic

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBI am re reading all of Asimov's novels and I am surprised to find myself rating this book higher than the Foundation series In fact right now I believe it is Asimov's best novel Generally I am not that interested in robots but in this case I was enthralled with Asimov's brilliant characterizations of Daneel and Giscard as evolving beings The two robots one of them humaniform and the other telepathic engage in philosophical discussions about what the First Law not harming a human being really means Their definition of harm gradually expands to include the general well being of humanity As they follow this logic to its conclusion they transcend their own programming to the point where they have evolved from mechanical slaves to near god

  • Sonja Southworth

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBNot uite as good a condition as I would have liked to have Butit's fine and doesn't affect the reading of it Feel it was slightly overrated condition wise

  • William B. Mcmillan

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBGreat read classic Asimov Completes the Robots series from Asimov

  • Cattre

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBSeller is helpful and up front about everything Just as advertised Fast shipping Very pleased

  • FallenGrace

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBRobots and Empire is the fourth and last novel about robots from the legendary sci fi author Issac AsimovThe first book being

  • rwmg

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBApparently Gladia's home planet of Solaria has been abandoned Feeling homesick and missing the long dead Elijah Baley she gets caught up in the machinations of Levular Mandamus and her old enemy Dr Amadiro machinations which threaten to destroy the Earth and plunge the human race into a war between Settlers and Spacers unless R Daneel and R Giskard can avert the catastrophe with the help of D G BaleyAn interesting and exciting novel this was Asimov's last and it ties together two of his earlier series the Robot series and the Galactic EmpireFoundation series

  • Phil

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBSo happy to have discovered a series of seuels to books I read in my youthI enjoy the manner in which he folds in ideas from Foundation seriesIf you like Caves of Steel then I recommend you give these a look

  • Yangmaster

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBThe fourth book and later seuel that followed on from his 'Lige Bailey' trilogy Azimov can do no wrong for me he was and still is my favourite SF writer of all time many modern writers borrow from his brilliant ideas

  • M. M

    CHARACTERS èROBOTS & EMPIRE PB ROBOTS & EMPIRE PBNot one of Asimov's best he is weak on personal interactions and stories are told as action taking place elsewhere Needed a lot science and interesting technical stuff and less chatter I think Still I love the author and collect his book when I find them